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paintingcolouredskies asked: Top 5 Waterstones employees! Ooooooooh


1) Holly Popple

2) Holly Popple

3) Holly Popple

4) Abbie & Jenny equally

Also 4) Joel and Lucy. And Alice and Carmel. And Nell.

THAT WAS MEAN. I miss you lot immensley.

yeahhhhh you knows it :P xx


if anyone has a tough year ahead of them or behind them

this japanese fisherman will get you back on your feet, i can guarantee

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I have one of these bad boys 

My mum ordered one for me for Christmas and then the shipping date from Amazon got pushed to September 2013??

We have loads of these at Waterstones Piccadilly!

Andy, Peter, Martin, & Richard doing promotional rounds for The Hobbit

i love richard armitage

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